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The Perfect Setting for Your Surgical Procedure

Located in the heart of the Queen City, the Regina Surgical Centre is just a block away from the Regina General Hospital. Centrally located in the capital city in a unique character building, the Regina Surgical Centre is walking distance to several reputable hotels and restaurants offering casual fare to fine dining.

The Regina Surgical Centre is accredited to perform orthopaedic short stay procedures, Ear, Nose and Throat procedures, Plastic and Reconstructive procedures, paediatric dental and cataract services. Our five well equipped operating theatres and unique paediatric setting provide comfort and excellence for your visit with us. We are pleased to draw on our 25 years of paediatric dental care and offer this service in a designated setting for our paediatric patients.

Let our experienced, professional staff assist you on your surgical journey in our newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility. The comforts of home paired with the high commitment to patient care will give you piece of mind when you or your child attends Regina Surgical Centre.

What Sets Us Apart

Our facility is the perfect place to provide a relaxing environment for your surgery. We provide an atmosphere that's pleasant and very professional: from the ambiance to our friendly staff. Our record of safety, success and our attention to your comfort are what set us apart from other surgery settings.

Where to Find Us

Regina Surgical Centre 2060 Halifax Street, Regina, SK S4P 1T7 - Map

Medical Director: Allison Crichlow
MOA: Sandra Poll, Amie Duthie and Darlene Seabrook

Phone: 306.522.3282
Fax: 306.522.3286
Email: info@surgicalcentres.com

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We’re Proud to introduce you to our Physicians and Surgeons

  • Dr. C. Giesinger
  • Dr. Y.F. Abu-Ghazaleh
  • Dr. S.S. Akin
  • Dr. J. Betcher
  • Dr. K.J. Bowler
  • Dr. A.Y. Chan-Tai-Kong
  • Dr. P.C. Chang
  • Dr. M.S. Cherry
  • Dr. A. Crichlow
  • Dr. N. Gbinigie
  • Dr. T. Ghumman
  • Dr. K. Gorman
  • Dr. G. Kasipillai
  • Dr. M. Lang
  • Dr. R. Lett
  • Dr. T. Le Roux
  • Dr. A.L. Mang
  • Dr. J.G. Maslany
  • Dr. O.E. McAllister
  • Dr. D.G. McAlpine
  • Dr. J.H.E. McBain
  • Dr. T. McLaren
  • Dr. R. Mehmood
  • Dr. H. Mollison
  • Dr. G. Nanji
  • Dr. T.D. Rosser
  • Dr. S. Suri
  • Dr. G. Teichler
  • Dr. J. Van der Merwe
  • Dr. A Van der Merwe
  • Dr. R. Zwack